1000 CP Members


I will be adding & recognising the 1000 Credit Pack DIAMOND Team Members on this page. If you have reached 1000 Credit Packs DIAMOND level & are not featured on this page then please Instant Message me on Facebook with Screen Shot Proof & I will add you to this page.

Simon Stepsys First Maps Member in the WORLD to achieve 1000 Credit Packs! Achieved in 9 weeks. Also Maps Top Earner, earning over 1/2 a MILLION Dollars in his first 8 months. Also Top Recruiter with over 3,300 personal members referred & also made Front Line PERSONAL Sales of over $5 Million Dollars in under 10 months. INSPIRATIONAL LEADER DRIVEN FOCUSED UNSTOPPABLE! (Like’s a Cheeky Pint) 

Peter Lea - Peter from the UK was the 2nd person in the WORLD to reach 1000 Credit Packs. (in approx 4 months!) Whats more remarkable is that Peter is a complete Newbie to Making Money Online! Just shows what is possible when you are COMMITTED, CONSISTENT & COACHABLE. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS

Francisco Linares - From SPAIN lives in the UK one of the most inspirational leaders in Maps, creates superb Photo’s & Inspiration on Facebook. A highly consistent LAZER FOCUSED 1200 DIAMOND member like ALL 1200 DIAMOND Members!

Victor Olajide Ogunmolade The First African Maps Member to Hit 1200 DIMOND Level! Victor lives in LONDON UK & is incredibly Motivated, focused & relentless. Friendly, helpful, FOCUSED! A Great TEAM LEADER.

Guner Huseyin, Very Focused Maps 1200 DIAMOND, who achieved 1200 in 5 months. Got a loan for 15K bought 300 Credit Packs & built his account CRAZY FAST! Friendly, Helpful, supportive to all members, come meet us at the LONDON MAPS EVENTS!

Ian Van Der Hyde - Very Funny 1200 DIAMOND member! Failed at every other Make Money Online Program, MAPS changed his life, No Referrals & still hit the Magic 1200. Great Guy, at EVERY Map Event!

Claire Hartman-James At last a Lady! The First Maps 1200 DIAMOND LADY in the UK! Claire is a lovely person, very POSITIVE FOCUSED & COMMITTED Like ALL 1200 DIAMOND Members. Claire is also a Speaker & Trainer at the Maps LONDON Events. She will INSPIRE YOU!

Dave Finney - Ex Kirby Cleaner Sales Person, transport manager for over 15 years, started with MAPS in January 2014 & hit the MAGIC 1200 in September 2014! Like Many Map members Dave is a Complete NEWBIE to Making Money Online. He Took MASSIVE CONSISTENT FOCUSED ACTION! This man is DRIVEN! Fantastic Guy! New Nickname “DIAMOND DAVE!”

Quick update as from January 2nd 2015 DIAMOND Dave has now quit his day JOB (JUST OVER BROKE) to work MAPS FULL TIME! WELL DONE DAVE!


Wolfgang Hinrichs - German Leader who I met on stage in LONDON at the MAPS annual anniversary. Hit 1200 DIAMOND 21-12-14 AWESOME LEADER!

Rainer Barton - One of the GREATEST German Leaders, Rainer was the First German Leader to reach the Magic 1200 CP DIAMOND level. Rainer has HUGE Experience in the Direct Sales Industry & is one of the most respected leaders in Europe. Rainer has built HUGE organisations in the tens of thousands over the years & brings MAPS to another level. Rainer & the German Speaking Countries have LOTS of 1200 DIAMOND members, including Daniel Schafer, Andreas Zenker, Tom, there is too many to list & I don’t know them all! Rainer is a regular SPEAKER & TRAINER at the Maps LONDON Events!


Who’s Next?


We have many more team members on the way to 1200!


Tom Pfiffner - From Switzerland Tom used to be in a rock band travelling all over the world. Like All 1200 DIAMONDS Tom is highly driven, focused & committed! He is regular in attendance at the MAPS LONDON UK Events!

Daniel Schafer - Daniel is a highly committed & very focused DIAMOND. One of the very best leaders in the whole of Germany & Europe Daniel has built teams of tens of thousands over the years and is now living the dream traveling the WORLD. He’s currently on a 9 Month World Tour spreading, teaching & sharing the WORLD of MAPS!

Andreas Zenker - Another AMAZING German Leader who is one of the all time top maps recruiters! In fact he’s number 3 in the WORLD! Andreas Like EVERY 1200 DIAMOND is highly FOCUSED & COMMITTED To MAPS. Andreas is also in regular attendance at the MAPS LONDON UK Events!

Beverley Mapper - I just found out that Beverley was in fact the first Lady in the UK to hit 1200 CP DIAMOND! I don’t know too much about Beverley apart from this is her name & photo on Facebook. Just goes to show MAPS 1200 DIAMONDS popping up everywhere!

Helmut Just - Another person hit 1200 DIAMOND Level! I don’t know too much about Helmut. I can tell you this though he’s 100% committed, FOCUSED!

Ann-Michelle Clare - Another Lady from the UK hit 1200 CP DIAMOND level. Ann-Michelle came to a MAPS presentation that I hosted in the Manchester area & her BELIFE level went through the roof, so much so that she went ALL IN and hit the Magic 1200 Credit Pack Level (September 2014). TIP! Get to ALL THE MAPS EVENTS!!!

Osahon Obasogie (Gio pronounced Joe) Joe came to not one but TWO MAPS HOTEL presentations one in Manchester & one in LONDON UK at that point he realised that MAPS is a CASH COW GOLD MINE! It also gave him the confidence & the BELIFE to GO ALL IN and purchase the full 1200 Credit Packs! That’s the POWER of the HOTEL Presentations & EVENTS! That’s what you call FOCUS & COMMITMENT!

Manprabha Magar - Another DIAMOND 1200 Credit Pack Club member! I only just found out that Manprabha reached 1200 Credit Packs on May 25th 2014. These DIAMONDS are popping up everywhere! Manprabha is in regular attendance at the MAPS LONDON HOTEL Presentations & trainings. Another HIGHLY FOCUSED & COMMITTED Team Member!

Stephan Baensch - From Germany the German MAPS team are flying! Stephan purchased his 1200th Credit pack LIVE in the German HOTEL Presentation in September 2014!


Richard Leonard - From the UK Richard hit the MAGIC 1200 Credit Packs 27th September 2014. RIchard will be the first to admit he’s shy, introverted, has no idea about Internet Marketing, Facebook has no clue, he does not even know how to make videos. I can tell you this though he’s been LASER FOCUSED on getting to 1200 Credit Packs! Doing whatever it takes! FOCUSED COMMITTED, RELENTLESS, ADDICTED, CONSISTENT! Just like all our DIAMOND 1200 Club Members! Well Done Richard!

Sergio Franchi - Another 1200 DIAMOND Club member! Sergio Hit 1200 CP also on September 27th 2014! I spoke with Sergio a good few months ago & he asked me what to do, I simply gave him the simple instruction (BUY MORE!) to do EVERYTHING he can to get to 1200 CP ASAP. And he did! FOCUSED COMMITTED, RELENTLESS, ADDICTED, CONSISTENT! Just like all our DIAMOND 1200 Club Members! Well Done Sergio! Come meet Sergio at the MAPS London Events & learn how he reached the Magic 1200!

Sandy Singh - Another HIGHLY FOCUSED ADDICTED OBSESSED MAPPER who hit the Magic 1200 Credit Packs on the 28th September 2014, that’s 3 NEW DIAMOND 1200 Members in 24 hours!

Sandy has remained 100% Laser FOCUSED & Committed to Maps since he joined our success team from day one. He obeys the Team Success System. BUY MORE BUY MORE BUY MORE until you reach the MAXIMUM 1200 Credit Packs! Well Done Sandy! YOU ROCK! Like all the 1200 DIAMOND Members!

Bill & Geraldine Miller - Well done to Bill & Geraldine a lovely couple who came to a couple of my MAP events in Manchester & London to fully understand how maps works. Their due diligence paid them well as the events gave them the understanding & BELIEF of how maps works & they went all out MASSIVE ACTION & FOCUSED on getting to the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level which they achieved on October 11th 2014.

Christophe Nowak - Christophe is our 3rd member from France to hit the Magic 1200 Credit Pack DIAMOND level! (18-10-14) Christophe, came to our Maps LONDON Events early in the year (2014) and his BELIFE & COMMITMENT went through the roof! He got so excited & committed & followed through working tirelessly, LAZER FOCUSED on hitting the Magic 1200! He also has French MAPS Facebook Group & provides great LEADERSHIP to all his team. He even has a team member who hit 1200 making him a 1 star Diamond! Not to mention all the ELITES he has (members with at least 100 Credit packs) WELL DONE Christophe! See you at the Next MAPS LONDON event!

Richard Mead - Richard is one of the most HIGHLY ADDICTED MAPPERS! RELENTLESS FOCUSED AND OBSESSED! (I trained him well! LOL) Hit the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level on October 19th 2014 after 24/7 Hard work & FOCUS!. Richard brings a true professionalism to MAPS, he’s at EVERY single Map LONDON event & is also in the process of setting up WEEKLY LONDON Maps Presentations. He is also the creator of the Maps Point Of Sale Material at WealthBall.co which I highly recommend you get, especially if you want to take your maps business to the next level. Richard has become a close friend, a wonderful person who is willing to help out in any way he can. He is a Great TEAM PLAYER! And brings GREAT VALUE to Maps & the awesome team we have! Well Done Richard you worked obsessively hard & deserve your SUCCESS! THIS IS JUST THE START!

Vitalia Petra - This Lady is DYNAMITE! Hit the Magic 1200 DIAMOND Club Member Level 15-11-14 Don’t be fooled by this Russian ladies beauty! (Model) Lives in the UK, Vitalia is a total MAPS ROCK STAR!!! Not only is Vitalia Incredibly Driven FOCUSSED, ADDICTED & COMMITTED MAPPER! (LIKE ALL MAP DIAMONDS) She is also a wonderful person. Brings much GLAMOUR to the Maps EVENTS! I first met Vitalia at another event in London UK just over 12 months ago, I found out later that she NEVER made ANY MONEY online until she joined MAPS! She came in with 71 Credit Packs to start Attended EVERY Map EVENT in LONDON bar one! And now has SMASHED past $100,000 in total earnings in her FIRST YEAR with MAPS! If there’s a reason to attend the MAPS event then hanging out with these DIAMONDS is MORE THAN WORTH IT! ATTEND THE EVENTS AND WATCH YOUR INCOME SOAR!

Amy Lin From Dallas Texas US - DIAMOND Members are popping up unexpected everywhere! I Don’t know this lady, however I can tell you this, Amy is a 100% DRIVEN FOCUSED, CONSISTENT AND ADDICTED MAPPER! YOU HAVE TO BE TO HIT 1200 DIAMOND Club Member! I only found out today 16-11-14 that Amy hit the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level! I don’t even think she’s on Facebook. I know she’s in Raza Begg’s Team as He broke the AMAZING News to me. AWESOME!

AYO SADARE - Now this is an AMAZING Story! Ayo was referred to MAPS by Victor another MAPS DIAMOND 1200 Member!, and Ayo is Victor’s BOSS! Once you hit DIAMOND 1200 Club you can then easily show others how you did it, as you just share with others how you did it. Victor used the POWER of the MAPS Events and invited his boss to come to a Hotel presentation to see how Maps works, his boss was so excited he could not sleep! He bought HUNDREDS of packs and became HOOKED, ADDICTED & OBSESSED by buying more packs until he soon reached the Magic 1200 Diamond level! Like ALL DIAMOND 1200 Club Members AYO is 100% LASER FOCUSED on achieving his dreams & is now reaping the rewards of being a DIAMOND 1200 Club Member. THIS IS JUST THE START! Well Done Ayo!

Andree Jacquet from Quebec, Canada - Another 1200 DIAMOND Club member! MAPS IS ON FIRE WITH DIAMONDS! I Don’t know Andree, however I do know her referrer Jean-Marc from France. I first met Jean-Marc at the MAPS LONDON event on October 4th 2014 by November 20th less than two months later I just found out his referrer Andree hit the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level. That’s the POWER of the Live Maps Hotel Events! WOW! Get your ticket to the next MAPS Live Hotel Events! www.MyAdvertisingPaysEvents.com

Scott Beaney - DIAMONDS Breaking everywhere! I remember the early days when reaching ELITE with 100 Credit Packs was a big thing, not any more! There are so many members from all over the WORLD hitting DIAMOND with 1200 Credit Packs! WOW! Well Done Scott you made DIAMOND! Scott took MASSIVE CONSISTENT LAZER FOCUSED Action, 100% ADDICTED FEROCIOUS & OBSESSED by MAPS just LIKE ALL DIAMOND members! Scott hit the magic 1200 on November 27th 2014. Scott is active on the Maps Facebook Groups so be SURE you plugin to the DAILY updates that are posted in these groups! Click the Facebook group logo at the bottom to join.

Daniil Shoyfer - From New York I’m just getting to know Daniil, he sent me a message on Facebook announcing that he reached the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level, I never even heard of this guy! He Got Started in May 2014 with a purchase of 177 Credit Packs & hit the 1200 on December 6th 2014! It just goes to show there are members working OBSESSIVELY behind the scenes in their pursuit of the magic 1200! Also he just announced to me that he has now bought his DREAM Car a Brand NEW AMG S550 Mercedes Benz! RESPECT Daniil! MAPS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE FOR! THIS IS JUST THE START!

Hiren Hirpara - I don’t know Hiren, I saw one of my team members Sanjay Mishal post his 1200 Screen Shot in our Maps Group & see that he hit the Magic 1200 Credit Packs in December 2014. He joined 20th March 2014. 9 Months made DIAMOND! This is a photo of him and his family that I pulled from his Facebook Profile. DIAMONDS From ALL OVER THE WORLD Popping Everywhere now! WOW! WELL DONE Hiren! THIS IS JUST THE START! FOCUS BRINGS YOU EVERYTHING.

Frank E Calabro Jr - Frank is a TRUE INSPIRATION! This guys work ethic matches mine! I’ve always said it work ethic is a talent itself & Frank’s is nothing short of SENSATIONAL! 24/7 like some one else I know. In fact I will say this ALL the DIAMONDS are very Special. Frank has a great story it was not only a year ago and this guy was BROKE. He started with just 5 credit packs then bought another 20, 3 weeks later, then he went to WORK, and WORK and WORK and WORK! This guy is RELENTLESS, FOCUSED, SUPER ADDICTED. POSSESSED! FEROCIOUS! totally OBSESSED by maps & credit packs. He’s also a RECRUITING MACHINE! Already in the TOP TEN WORLDWIDE with almost 1,000 team members personally sponsored! I could write a book on Frank! It’s an HONOUR to have him on as not only a ROCK STAR team member & team leader but to be his personal sponsor :-) Thanks FRANK! YOU ROCK! I fully Expect Frank to EXCEED SEVEN FIGURES in 2015.

Alexa Miebach - Another LADY Mapper hits the Magic 1200 Diamond Club! I don’t know Alexa I just found out in the Facebook group she hit the magic 1200 on the 13th December 2014 the SAME day as the 1 year MAPS Anniversary! DIAMONDS POPPING EVERYWHERE NOW! WOW!

Olaf Taubel - I first met Olaf on Stage in LONDON at the MyAdvertisingPays First Ever Anniversary event, where he purchased his 1200th Credit Pack LIVE ON THE STAGE IN FRONT OF OVER 400 ADDICTED MAPPERS!!! I was honoured to be the first person to Congratulate him! That’s TWO DIAMONDS on the 1st Ever Birthday of MAPS! WOW! What an Event! What a Day!

Sofiane Issaadi - Lives in LONDON UK from Algeria. Our First DIAMOND 1200 member in 2015! Achieved the magic 1200 on the 1.1.15. THIS IS JUST THE START!

Martin Baensch - I don’t personally know Martin however I do know his brother Stephan Baensch (who is also a DIAMOND 1200 member, look above on this Diamond list) as Stephen I met on the Stage in LONDON at the annual MAPS Anniversary event! WOW so many going DIAMOND!!! THIS IS JUST THE START OF THOUSANDS of DIAMOND members!

Richard J B Wharram - From the UK lives in Italy, Richard made the most commission that I am aware of from a MAPS Advertisement that he put on the maps traffic exchange, here is his message to me on Facebook Instant Message! Not only did he make £40,000 COMMISSION from a MAP advert that he gets PAID to advertise, he did purchase 500 Credit Packs with part of that commission and then went onto make ANOTHER £20,000 commission from the result of the lead he got from the map ad!!! If that isn't INCREDIBLE then I don't know what is!!! RESULT! MAPS TRAFFIC IS SENSATIONAL!

Here’s a great photo of Richard on Stage in LONDON picking up his maps earnings Cheque. If that isn’t life changing, then I don’t know what it!

Colin Simmonds - Congratulations! YOU MADE IT! Exactly 1 year in & Colin’s RELENTLESS FOCUSSED ADDICTED COMMITTED ACTION brought him the Magic 1200! FOCUS Brings you Everything! Colin attends all the Maps events because he wanted it bad enough, he became an early maps addict & never gave up! DIAMONDS POPPING EVERYWHERE NOW!!!

Sven Muller - I don’t know Sven, all I know is that he is personally sponsored by SUPER ADDICTED Top German DIAMOND Leader Daniel Schafer (above on this list). I can tell you this though, Sven is a HIGHLY ADDICTED SUPER FOCUSSED MAPPER! DIAMONDS Popping Everywhere!!!

Uli Hoppe - Your never too Old! at 67 Ulrich SMASHED 1200 Diamond Club Member! I don’t personally know Ulrich, however I know his personal sponsor RAINER BARTON very well as Rainer is one of the GREATEST Leaders In Direct Sales in the whole of GERMANY (And WORLD)! The German TEAM are INCREDIBLE!!! Well Done Ulrich! THIS IS JUST THE START!

Ute Gilbert - From Heidelberg Germany Lives in Tarragona Spain. Another HIGHLY ADDICTED FOCUSSED MAPPER!

Sigurd Gilbert - From Heidelberg Germany Lives in Urberach. A Very HIGHLY Addicted Mapper! Sigurd also has also referred other maps members who also achieved DIAMOND 1200 Club Member!

Sven Muller - From Mugeln, Lives in Wiesenbach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Another HIGHLY ADDICTED FOCUSSED German Team MAPPER!

Joachim Gilbert - From Edingen-Neckarhausen Another HIGHLY ADDICTED FOCUSSED DIAMOND 1200 CLUB German Team MAPPER Member!



Faustin Munyaneza - DIAMOND Members Popping EVERYWHERE NOW! Faustin from LONDON UK in the Amazing team of Victor Olajide Ogunmolade another AWESOME DIAMOND Mapper (Now BLUE DIAMOND)

Leslie & Eliane Carter - Well Done guys YOU MADE IT! Totally Obsessed and FOCUSED ADDICTED Mappers! Leslie a Bus Driver from LONDON UK and his lovely wife Eliane from BRAZIL. Now building an EXCITING Team of mappers in the UK, BRAZIL and all over the WORLD! WOW!

Vikas KumRai - THE FIRST MAPS MEMBER FROM INDIA to achieve this milestone! Here is Vikas 1200 VIDEO he made!! YOU MUST WATCH! Well DONE Brother you made it! 1200 DIAMOND! In his own words...

- How does it feel to reach the SUMMIT of Mt. Everest ?
- How does it feel to cross the finishing line of your Marathon Journey ?
- How does it feel to be on cloud 9 ?

Well I have just achieved my milestone of 1200 packs in MAP and I just can't express the feeling in words.

You got to experience it yourselves mappers.
You got to achieve this magical figure of 1200 packs as well.

I know many of you are striving for the same goal and I would like to see all of you standing alongside me. Talk to me if you have any query!!


Pastor PAUL OYENIYI OYELADE Paul comes to all the LONDON Maps events & is part of BLACK DIAMOND member Victor’s amazing & committed team. Paul like Victor is an incredible & dynamic leader & speaker & brings huge following to maps incredible community. Well Done Paul, BLUE DIAMOND your next goal & I know you’ll SMASH it! FOCUSSED, COMMITTED, ADDICTED Just Like all DIAMOND members!  https://www.facebook.com/paul.oyeladeshapeimage_3_link_0

Riza Ammon - From Makati Philippines Lives in GERMANY. THE FIRST of many thousands of Philippines who will achieve DIAMOND! You made it! DIAMOND 1200! WELL DONE Riza! More DIAMOND LADY’S on the way!!! part of Vitalia’s awesome team, which pushed Vitalia to BLUE DIAMOND! The First Lady Blue Diamond in the World! Riza is extremely loyal, FOCUSSED, ADDICTED & committed maps leader just like all the DIAMONDS!

Frederic Flipo - From Avon, lle-De-France, FRANCE. Hit the magic 1200 DIAMOND in 3 MONTHS WITHOUT ANY REFERRALS Making Over $36,000 in his first 3 months! Just shows the POWER of DIAMOND & MAPS! Personally Sponsored By the Awesome French Leader Christophe Nowak which made him a BLUE DIAMOND! THIS IS JUST THE START!

Bettina Zastrow - From Germany Sponsored by Rainer Barton, which made Rainer one of only TWO CROWN DIAMONDS IN THE WORLD! The German team are the TOP Global Producers in MAPS & provide CONSISTENT Outstanding Leadership & Results! WELL DONE GUYS!

Roman Chaberek - The FIRST POLISH (MALE) Maps member to hit the Magic 1200 Club Level! I first met Roman on stage at the Maps London Anniversary event in December 2014. He started with 600 Credit Packs, 80 days later he hit the Magic 1200! That’s the POWER of the LIVE Events! Well Done Roman! Team POLAND is on the DIAMOND Map!!! His sponsor Krystian will be DIAMOND soon!

Teresa Kowalik - I just found out that this lady is in fact the FIRST DIAMOND 1200 member from POLAND! JOINED on 7-7-2014 Hit the Magic 1200 on 1-31-2015. Well Done Teresa, you showed great VISION, FAITH & CONSISTENT COMMITMENT! The first of MANY POLES!

Estelle Gillett - From ENGLAND UK, Lives in Maidstone in Kent. Very Committed and Consistent Mapper just like ALL DIAMOND 1200 Members! Started July 20th 2014 and Hit the Magic 1200 on 16th Feb 2015. Great team mapper at almost every maps event, very active in the Maps Facebook groups. Sponsored by the wonderful Saroj (building towards 1200 DIAMOND)

John Oto - Part of Victor Olajide Ogunmolade MASSIVE growing team!!! Diamonds popping everywhere! Sponsored By DIAMOND Faustin Munyaneza which makes Faustin BLUE DIAMOND! WOW! You guys are on FIRE! UNSTOPPABLE! Just Like all DIAMONDS! FOCUSSED, COMMITTED, ADDICTED! THIS IS JUST THE START!

ALAN SMITH - Congratulations to Estelle's Team member Alan Smith going Diamond Wow!!!!!! so great to have him on the team

That makes Estelle Gillett Blue Diamond Wow Wow Wow Wow

Reaching for the Stars Rocks Stars Daily Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Cecilla Chapman - Another DIAMOND LADY Hits the Magic 1200! Joined MAPS 28-11-2014 Made DIAMOND 1200 on 21-2-2015. (just over 3 months! WOW!) Lives in the Ipswich UK, used to work for the Royal Military Police!

Paul Wilson - Awesome Guy! I have personally known Paul for over 10 years, Paul’s been involved in lots of Make Money Online, MLM, Affiliate Programs over the years, making some half decent MONEY, but not LIFE CHANGING MONEY! UNTIL NOW! He SMASHED 1200 DIAMOND with MAPS after getting SERIOUS with it after watching Maps grow from Strength to Strength! Well Done Paul GREAT TO have you on the DIAMOND Team! BLUE DIAMOND NEXT GOAL!!!

Krystian Burdzy - From POLAND, used to live in the UK when he started MAPS in March 2013, Krystian showed GREAT commitment in the early days with MAPS starting out with 100 Credit Packs and most important ATTENDING the MAPS Events in LONDON (and also still attends the MAPS LONDON events regularly). He told me he is moving from the UK to live in his dream Island in the SUN in Crete, He achieved this! Not only did he hit DIAMOND 1200 (in 11 months & 5 days), he went straight to BLUE DIAMOND as he already has a direct team member at the DIAMOND level! Krystian also is the organiser of the MAPS POLAND EVENTS! FOLLOW THIS GUY! TRUE LEADER. ONE OF THE BEST! Well Done Krystian next step BLACK DIAMOND!

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Alisha Ford - Alisha came & met me at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester & then made up her mind and purchased 600 Credit Packs.  Made the Magic 1200 DIAMOND Club just 3 months later! This is another highly UNSTOPPABLE ADDICTED FOCUSSED OBSESSED MAPPER!!! Well done bro you made it!

Jeff Dolphin - Jeff’s been a great ADDICT to all the MAPS EVENTS here in the UK! He’s ADDICTED to them! Which gave Jeff the BELIFE to take massive FOCUSSED ADDICTED ACTION in reaching the magic 1200! YOU MADE IT JEFF WELL DONE! (likes Nightclubbing in Nantwich after the Nantwich Event!)

Kim Little - First Goal Achieved...Anybody can do this business..First New Zealander to Become a Diamond member..1200th Advertising packs...$111,000 Earned...and we are just getting Started..Bring on 2015.......thanks to everyone..and your Support. Well Done bro! YOU MADE IT!

Sharon Rennalls - HIt the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level LIVE ON STAGE at the LONDON MAPS event on the 7th March 2015! Such a Buzz & wonderful experience! WELL DONE SHARON YOU MADE IT!

So many team members hitting the Magic 1200 level, if they can do it SO CAN YOU! Stay FOCUSSED, ADDICTED & OBSESSED With BUYING Credit Packs!!!

Marcus Wilks & Marie German Made the Magic 1200 DIAMOND level again LIVE ON STAGE at the MAPS LONDON event on the 7th March 2015. Marcus & Marie are addicted to the events, they are at them ALL! What does this tell you? EVENTS give people the BELIFE that this is for REAL! They see other members from all walks of life changing there lives for the better and see that if they can do it then so can they! & they did! WELL DONE GUYS YOU MADE THE PENTHOUSE!!! :-)

69 DIAMONDS up to here just on this group page. There are many more that are not on Facebook and then those that we don't know who hit 1200 that we don't just know about! THIS IS JUST THE START! Who’s next? YOU!!!


Babafemi Olu - Hit the magic 1200 DIAMOND CLUB in 11 weeks! SO many Members hitting the DIAMOND 1200 Club now its hard to keep the site updated!