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To get started & Making Money with TheAdvertPlatform is really simple! YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM DAY ONE & EVERY SINGLE DAY so long as you do this...

  1. 1.JOIN (no cost!)

  2. 2.Purchase Credit Packs (75 is a good start, just €25 each)

  3. 3.Click 12 ads in the traffic exchange

You will then be qualified to earn profit share from TAP which is calculated & paid out to members than have done this every 20 minutes for 72 times a day.

You get 30 days to set up your Facebook, Twitter & Website blog, so you can then start sharing the ads on these sites once you have them set up.

Watch the GetStartedTrainingVideos on this site, link at the top to learn how to set them up.

Remember each Credit Pack will pay you back your 25 euros PLUS €2.5 PROFIT on top! Just for clicking and sharing the 12 ads each day.

Be SURE to watch the TAP Presentation several times if need be so you understand how simple this business is.


Remember MORE Credit Packs = MORE MONEY! 1,500 is the limit.

Any more questions get back to your TAP referrer who will answer all your questions

Happy Tapping!

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JOIN THE TAP FACE BOOK GROUP NOW! Click the Facebook Button Below!